Beware of JSC Global Solutions complete Rip off.

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If some good guys are out there who are looking for a better tommorow then do not join JSC Global Solutions, based in Naperville, IL and infact spread this message so that you will get good karma.Even brothels do a fair business if these guys just want to make money then they rather get into that business.

But they need to make sure that the choot licker pundarika is not there. Naresh Jain is one of the waste of India but good that he landed in USA. I will also say labour dept is a sheer waste in the USA since they are part of the game not plucking the *** out. Even they have to pay up the *** debt and account for all the balance sheets in the country.

Naresh Jain is a big time cheat, he will talk sweetly as long as the project is ok.

He will try to hold maximum amount saying the invoice was not done, the timesheets needs to be rechecked and the client payment is delayed etc. Once the project gets over he will not pay you the remaining 2-4 months that where on hold.

Even if you have signed approved timesheets, he will refuse to pay.

Naresh Jain be a man if you have guts then try to earn honestly.

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I hope I have seen this post before joining JSC.He is really a biggest fraud I have ever seen.

He is always eager to make employees works even in the night but don't pay the salary for months.

And we have to beg for our own salary.Heads off to the one who posted this


JSC Employee

to JSC KE MAARE Newark, California, United States #1160062

plz contact me on sudauk2000 at gmail, i had taken naresh to court, he is a fraud guy. he still owes some money to me. or call on my cell 732 829 7585

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